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Location Of The Animals

QWhere do you house the animals that I see listed on the web site?
A: We are a foster based group. All our animals are housed in temp foster homes until they are adopted. We have foster homes in VA and NC. Don't let the distance scare you away from adopting from us, we can provide you with access to low cost transport to get your new pet home.

QWhere do all the animals come from and why do you get them from those places?
A: We pull animals from HIGH KILL shelters in the southern states. Most of the animals from these shelters do not stand a chance of getting a home. The southern states have a huge problem with pet over population. There is an over population problem due to the fact that most states do not have spay/neuter laws in place. Also the economic factor!It is important to note due to the poorer southern states. Many shelters in the southern states use barbaric means to euthanize the surplus animals. Many states still use gas chambers to kill the animals. Some use the heart stick method which is equally as cruel. The fact is, most shelters in the south are KILL SHELTERS. NO KILL shelters like you see in some northern states are few and far between. The fact is in most normal kill shelters the pet has a little as 7 days to get a chance to get a new home. If that does not happen they die, plain and simple. I realize there are shelters in the north that euthanize dogs when they are not adopted, but they are not in abundance like they are in the south. I am a firm believer a life saved is a good thing, no matter where it was saved from. 

Adoption Process /Adoption Deposit  & Adoption Fee
Q: What are the steps FROM START TO FINISH to adopt an animal from Save A Mutt Kennel?
A: 1- Place an application. You can find the application on application page of this site. Please allow at least 48 hrs for a response via email for confirmation that your application has been received. It can take a few more days to actually process your application depending on which volunteer is in charge of that particular pet.

2- Once approved you will be required to pay the holding fee which is normally $100.00. The deposit can be paid on line via PayPal or Google Pay.

3- The remainder of the adoption fee is due BEFORE the animal is shipped to you. You can either pay online via PayPal or Venmo or you can mail a CERTIFIED BANK CHECK or USPS MONEY ORDER to us. We must have it BEFORE your pet is shipped. 

4- Before the animal leaves on transport to go to it's new home, I MUST have the adoption contract in my hand. Please go to the PURCHASE CONTRACT page of the site for the contract.

Q: Will I get credit for the holding deposit?

A: Yes the holding deposit is deducted from the total adoption fee. So the adopter will get credit for it. The holding fee is non refundable if the adopter backs out for any reason. We can however credit the deposit toward a future adoption. The only way the holding deposit will be refunded otherwise, is IF something happens to the animal while it is in our care. Please DO NOT SUBMIT an application if you are not willing to commit to the pet as soon as you get the notice you are approved. It is that simple!

Q: How do I pay the holding deposit?
A: You can  pay online. We accept PayPal and Venmo!

Q: Why is the $100 holding deposit non refundable?
A: First, a person should really not apply if they are not going to follow though! If the adopter backs out for any reason the deposit will be considered as payment for the extra trouble. The fact is simple, when someone reserves a pet we take it out of circulation and it is not getting advertised. The adopter who does not follow through with their intent to adopt would be the direct cause of the animal possibly not getting a forever home. However the deposit is 100% refundable if something happens to the pet while it is in our care.

Q: What fees are required to adopt an animal from Save A Mutt Kennel
A:  The adoption fee is $325.00 for pets under 6 months old.The adoption fee for animals 6 months to 6 years old is $375.00. The adoption fee for dogs 7 years and older is $100-$200.00. The adopter will be responsible for spay/neuter by 6 months of age if the dog is not 6 months old at the time of adoption. The adoption fee could be more or less depending on the expense the rescue incurs for that pet. The adopter is responsible for paying their own transport fee via our low cost transport service. 

Q: Am I required to pay the transport fee to have the adopted animal brought to me in addition to the adoption fee?
A:Yes, the adopter is responsible for paying their own transport fee. We can provide access to a low cost transporter who delivers every 2 weeks to most locations.

Q: When is the remainder of the adoption fee due and how to do I pay it?
A: The remainder of the fee is due BEFORE your pet gets on the transport to head to you. You can pay online via PayPal or Venmo or you can mail a CERTIFIED BANK CHECK or USPS money order. The payment MUST BE in our hands BEFORE the day the pet is to be transported up to you. We DO NOT accept personal checks.

Q:  What will I get with the adopted animal?
A:  The animal will have a health certificate issued by our vet no more than 48 hrs prior to transport. The health certificate is given to the transporter for their records. We will provide a copy for the adopter as well. You will get the complete health records with the animal. The animal will be current on all age appropriate core vaccinations, de-worming and micro-chipped. The pet will be flea free and treated with Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix or Advantage flea prevention or something comparable. If the pet is 6 months and older the animal will be current on heart-worm testing and they will be altered. If the pet is younger than 6 months the adopter will be responsible for fixing the animal at their expense by 6 months of age. 

Q: Do you require an adoption contract?
A:  Yes, and  must have that before the animal is shipped to you. Please note we require your hand written signature on the contract. You can find the contract in the the Purchase Contract page. 

Q: Will you reword the contract for me because I think it is too strict or worded to harsh?

A: Please note will not rearrange, rewrite or redo the contract to fit the description of what an adopter thinks it should say. If you do not like our contract, feel free to adopt elsewhere. The contract is drawn up by a lawyer and it is meant to protect the adopted pet and our best interests.

Q: I was approved by another rescue, can I send you a copy of their application to avoid all the typing required?

A: No, we need OUR completed application submitted to us. We have our questions on our application to screen for things we think are important. No 2 rescues will do things the same way.


Q: Where and when do the transporters deliver?
A: Throw Away Pups: Has planned stops from NC all the way to VT.  They have their delivery spots in each state and you must meet them at the closest one to you. We do have alternate transport options if needed.

Q: What happens if there is a delay in transport due to weather or other unpredictable things?
A: The transporter may delay the transport a day or may elect to do the transport the following weekend. The transporter will not put the transport off unless it is totally warranted. In the event a transport is postponed we expect you to be flexible. It will be easier for you to bend some than it would be for the transporter to do so. The transporter is not just hauling just your 1 pet, but they have a van load going to as many as 20 different people at 20 different locations. In the event that an adopter backs out of an adoption due to re scheduling of a transport we will NOT refund the adoption deposit. 

Q: Can I pick my pet up to avoid paying the transport fee?

A:Yes, families who wish to drive to North Carolina to pick up their adopted pet are more than welcome to, provided someone is available to meet them on the day they will be visiting.
Returning The Pet 

Q:  What happens if in the future I can't keep the adopted animal, what is expected of me?
A:  The animal is expected to be returned to us. The adopter can no way shape or form give the animal away, sell the animal, or dump it at a shelter or pound. The adopter is responsible for getting the animal back to us at their expense. The door is open for returns even if it is years down the line. We have transporters that can bring the pet back to us. However, the adopter is responsible for all expenses involved in doing so. 

Q: What if I need to return the adopted pet due to aggression or severe behavior issues that developed AFTER adoption?

A: If the animal is a safety concern to the point that it is a danger to people, on the advice of YOUR vet euthanasia may be the route you will need to take! We hope that you will consult with a trainer or canine behaviorist and exhaust all efforts to help your pet prior to reaching this conclusion!

Q: If I return a pet to Save A Mutt will I have say so over what happens to the returned pet?

A:NO, once you return the pet to us, you will have no rights what so ever to the pet.

Q: If the pet is returned for having aggression issues or behavior issues can I demand that SAVE A MUTT keep the pet for the duration of it's life?

A: That is not fair to us. No you can not DEMAND that we house the dog for it's entire life. We will do everything that is humanely possible  to help the pet or find it a suitable situation. However, if it is a safety hazard to humans then we have the right to handle that situation as we see fit. It is not fair to ask us to put ourselves in harms way when you are not willing to do so! 

Q: What if once we meet the animal we feel it is not a match for us or our family, what do we do?
A:  We understand that adopting long distance is sometimes hard, so we try to make things simple. We want our adopters to be happy with their adopted pet. In the event that the pet is not going to work out you would simply meet the transporter the next planned transport and send the pet back down to us. We will refund the adoption fee minus the deposit if the process within 14 days after receiving the adopted pet. If you need to return the pet anytime after the 14 day trial period you forfeit any refund. The adopter must be willing to hold the animal and care for it until they meet with the transporter to send the animal back to us.

Regarding Guaranteeing Breed and mix

Q:Does the rescue guarantee the breed and breed mixes of the rescue pet?
A: The rescue does not guarantee the breed or mix of any of their rescue pets. The fact is that most of the time we have to provide an educated guess as to what breed or mix the pet is. Most of our rescues come from unknown backgrounds. In the event that a pet is returned due to the fact that the adopter believes the pet is not the breed or mix that it was advertised(or even if a DNA test is preformed by the adopter), we will not refund any money. The fact is, the adopter signed a contract stating that they understood that we can not nor will not guarantee the breed or mix.
Canadian Adoptions

Q:Do you adopt to Canadian residents?
A: Yes we do! However our transporter does not physically deliver to Canada. The adopter must meet the transporter at the closest stop to them in the United States!

Q:Will the adopted pet be able to cross the Canadian border okay?
A:Yes we provide all the pet's health records along with a certificate of health from a licensed vet. This is all the pet will need to obtain entry into Canada!

Q: Is access to the spay/neuter vouchers available in Canada?
A: No, at this time we have no sources that offer low cost spay/neuter in Canada. 

Microchip Q&A

Q: I understand the pet is micro-chipped, what will that cost me in the long term?

A: Our adopters will pay a one time registration fee of $12.99 to register their information on the microchip. 

Q: When should I register my pet's microchip?

A: The same day your adopted pet arrives to your home! Your microchip is not going to do any good if your information is not on it.

Q: Is it a requirement of my adoption that I register my pet's microchip?

A: Yes, it is a requirement. The micro chip is for the safety of the adopted pet. The microchip can help get the pet back home if the pet should get lost.

What not to do to make a good impression on us.

Q: If I complain that the application process is too hard will that make you less apt to require me to send in an application?

A: No, everyone has to complete an application to adopt from us.

Q:If I complain that you make it too tough for people to adopt and I state that you miss out on good homes for your rescue pets because of it, will that give me an advantage? 

A: No, honestly that would make you come across as not wanting to do the required leg work to adopt.

Q: If you reject my application to adopt can I try to persuade you to change your mind? 

A:NO, We try to  match the pets with the best possible home. Sometimes we go through 10 to 15 applications for a desired pet. It is not an easy task! In the end they are our rescue pets and our responsibility. We have the say so over where they will go. Personally, someone challenging our decision and trying to get their way is a very big turn off to us.

Q: Can I be vague when requesting info on a certain pet?

A:Please don't send an email and state simply "send info"! That is an open ended type demand. For all we know you are asking us if the pet can load the dish washer or vacuum your floor! Please ask specific questions!
This will save us all some time.

Q: Is it reasonable to expect a young puppy to be fully potty trained?

A: Would you expect a 1 year old child to be fully potty trained? Potty training a puppy takes time and patience from the adopter. If you are not willing to put in the effort then you are not ready to adopt.