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Save A Mutt Kennel
Po Box 178
Ararat, VA 24053
Fax: (866)927-9756]
Web Site:

Please note ALL our dogs are fostered in NC and VA until they are adopted. Even if you find one of our dogs listed on our NY or NJ site that still means the dog is in VA or NC. We can transport the dog to one of our northern locations once they are adopted. _______Initial

If you application is denied we will not disclose the reason why, even if you request the information! ________Initial

Pre-Purchase Application Questions

We require a purchase agreement/contract if your application is approved.

What dog are you interested in purchasing?______________________________

1-A:What is your full name?

  B: What is your age?

2-What is your complete physical address? 

3-What is your complete mailing address?

4-What is your home phone number?

5-What is your cell phone number?

6-What is your fax number?

7-What is your main email address and your alt email address?

8- What animals have you owned or do you own now? Please tell me a little bit about them and how long have or had they been with you?

9-Do you have children in the home? If so what are their ages?

10-Do you or any family member or room-mates have allergies? 

11 A-If you or someone who lives with you develop allergies what do you plan to do to remedy the situation?


    B: If you or your spouse becomes pregnant would that determine that the pet needs to be returned or re-homed?


12-If you or married or living with someone do you have their permission to adopt a pet?

13-If at a later date your room mate or significant other decides they no longer want the pet there what would you do?

14-A: If you rent your home how long have you lived at this location?   

    B:do you have permission from your land lord to bring a pet into your home? Please be aware we do not give refunds for situations like this. It is your responsibility to get permission before hand.


15-Do you live in a house, condo, trailer, apartment, other? Briefly describe your home.


16-Is your yard fenced? If so, what type of fencing? A fenced Yard is NOT a requirement!


17-How many hours a day is someone home?

18-Where will the pet stay during the day?


19-Where will the pet stay at night?


20-Please explain where your current pet(s) spend the day.


21-Please explain where your current pet(s) sleep.


22-How many hours during the day will the dog spend Tied_____Outside_____Crated_____Loose in the house_____?


23-If you have a "dog lot" or outdoor kennel; please explain when it is used for your pet(s).


24-A: Are you aware that once you take possession of the adopted animal that you are responsible for any and all vet expenses & damages that might occur once it leaves our hands? Initial_______


    B:Are you willing and prepared to pay routine and extraordinary expenses including VET expenses if they arise at ANY point in the future?


    c: If a behavior issue arises with your pet at ANY point in the future are you willing to consult or hire a behaviorist or professional trainer? Are you willing to work with the professional for at least 3 weeks before returning the pet?


25: Is there any other information you feel we should know? If so please elaborate here!



Please List Your Vet Reference Below!

Vet Reference
Vet’s Name:

Complete Mailing Address: 

Clinic Phone:

Clinic Fax:

Clinic Website:

Clinic Email:

Are the pet’s records in your name? If not whose name are they under?



Please note you must call your vet and give them permission to speak with us. If you leave the vet reference blank or if we can not speak with your vet your application WILL NOT BE PROCESSED! Please initial _________




Personal Reference
Please provide 1 personal reference. It can not be a relative.




Spay Neuter Requirements

Animals over 6 months old will be spayed or neutered before they leave our care.  

Please be aware that any animal adopted 
under 6 months of age it will be the purchaser’s responsibility to have the adopted animal spayed or neutered at their own expense. We request verifiable proof from your vet that the procedure has been done.



Vaccination- Deworming  And Testing Protocol

All our animals will receive age appropriate core vaccinations! The definition of core vaccines : Minimal vaccines deemed important for protection of the most common canine diseases. The core vaccines are vaccines that protect against parvo, distemper, adenovirus-2 and rabies. Please be aware that puppies require 3 rounds of puppy shots(commonly called 5-way) 3 to 4 weeks apart to develop immunity to the diseases listed above. At the time of adoption the puppy will be CURRENT on all vaccinations. However that means if there are any routine boosters due once the animal leaves us it is the adopters responsibility to have those done at their expense. All dogs over 6 months of age will have a current heartworm test. 

All dogs will be current on routine de-worming! All dogs will be current on flea prevention!


Holding Deposit

A holding deposit of $100 is required on all animals that are adopted from us. Once your application is approved you will be required to send the deposit. We can take payments online or over the phone. We cannot promise to hold an animal without the deposit.

Once we receive your deposit we will remove the pet from our web site and we will stop taking applications on the pet.

The deposit is deducted from the adoption fee(the average adoption fee is $300.00 for pets under 6 months and $350 for pets over 6 months, dogs over 7 years old will have a reduced fee), so you will get full credit for what you paid.

If you back out of adopting after you have committed,
the deposit is not refundableIf at any point something happens to the animal beyond our control while it is in our care, we will refund the deposit to you in full.         Initial____________



We provide NO guarantee of breed or mix of any of our rescue animals!

Do you understand that we cannot and will not guarantee the breed or the mix of any of our rescue animals? All we can do most of the time is provide an educated guess as to what the animal is breed wise. Many of our pets come from unknown backgrounds. If at any point in time that you return the animal due to the fact you think it is not the breed we estimated it to be, we will not refund your adoption fee.   Initial____________


Location Of All Our Rescue Animals And Return Policy


All our rescue animals are Fostered in NC and VA(as stated on all our web sites).  Even if you find our pets listed on our NJ or NY website that still means they are in NC and VA. They can be delivered to you once they are adopted. We can provide access to low cost transport to all adopters. Please make sure you read the FAQ page of this website.


We understand that long distance adoptions can be hard. We try to make that as easy as possible. We do have a return policy in place in case the animal does not work out. If you decide you do not want the animal you would be required to house the animal until the following transport (they come down every other week). You would then need to meet the transporter at the location you picked the animal up at and send it back down to us. Once we receive the animal you will be issued a complete refund of the adoption fee. The deposit is not refundable it is used to pay some of the initial transport fee to haul the pet to you. You would be responsible for any fees to get the pet back to us. The 14 day return policy goes in effect the minute the pet is handed over to you originally. If arrangements are not made prior to the end of the 14 day return period you will forfeit the refund of the adoption fee.


Initial __________ 


Transport Information/ Remainder Of Purchase Fee


The adopter is responsible for setting up and paying for the transport of their adopted pet. Please go to our transporters web site at . Throw Away Pups is our main transporter.


We have 2 transporters that we use. Our main transporter Throw Away Pups makes Bi-weekly trips to the North East as far up VT and as far down as SC. They deliver on Fri and Sat. You must select one of their regular stops in the state of your choice and meet them there. Please note we do not deliver to RI or MA!



The transporters will not deliver to your house. You must meet them at their planned stops. You can select the closest one to you.


Important Note: Sometimes the transporter has to re schedule the transport date, route or time due to situations out of their hands such as bad weather and other things. If this happens please do not give us grief. It is easier for you to be flexible than it is for the transporter to be flexible. Please try to understand that the transporter is not making a 1200 mile round trip just to haul YOUR pet to you. They have a full load of rescue pets going to different homes and rescue shelters. The transporter sometimes has as many as 20 different clients she has to deal with at one given time. We would like for you to extend some patience and understanding if that is required of you. In the event that you back out of an adoption due to the fact you don't want to work with the transporter's schedule we will NOT refund your adoption deposit. Please also keep in mind that we at Save A Mutt do not have control over what the transporter does. They are a totally different business whom we simply hire to get our rescue dogs to their new homes. 

The remainder of the purchase fee can be paid online before the transport via Pay Pal. We also accept CERTIFIED BANK CHECKS, USPS MONEY ORDERS. We DO NOT accept personal checks. If you have to snail mail a payment in it needs to be in our hands BEFORE we ship your pet. Please make all money orders and checks out to Save A Mutt Kennel!

Notice: We reserve the right to back out of an adoption AT ANY POINT that we feel we have just cause to take such action. In the event that WE DECIDE that we don't want to follow through with the adoption we will refund the fees in full to the person in question.


By signing you are stating that you have answered all the questions in total honesty and that you fully understand.

Signature ________________________________Date______________________________