Save A Mutt Kennel
Our Mission Statement

To obtain dogs & cats from shelters and pounds with high euthanasia rates. We will advocate for that animal in hopes of finding them a new forever home. We will provide the ground work for the pet such as spay/neuter, vaccinations, vet care and basic training.

1-We reserve the right to back out of any adoption at our discretion at any point during the adoption process! In the event we decide to back out of an adoption we will refund all fees paid to us, including the deposit!
2-We want everyone to know that it is FIRST COME FIRST serve among the APPROVED adopters. Who ever gets their deposit to us FIRST will get the rescue pet. We have always done it this way and we will continue to do it this way. We are honest and fair about it! That means who REALLY gets the deposit to us FIRST will be the one who gets the pet REGARDLESS!!!!!!!!!!!  We can not and simply will not take a chance on anyone dragging their feet and causing a pet to miss out on their forever home. So we will NOT hold any pet WITHOUT a deposit. Please read #1 above again. If you do not agree with this please do not apply!The fact is these are OUR animals. We care for them until they find their forever home. We have a lot of time and money invested in each rescue pet, many times we have much more invested than the meager adoption fee we charge. We have the right to decide where the animal will go. They belong to US until they leave our care! 

Emailing us is our preferred method of contact. Please allow at least 48 hrs for us to respond to you by email. We are all volunteers with hectic schedules that we must adhere to. Sometimes it is easier for us to access email than it is to pick up the phone. We appreciate your patience.

As of April 17th, 2013 we have reduced our adoption fee down greatly. We are no longer including transport with the adoption fee. However, we can provide access to low cost transport to our adopters. It is up to the adopter to set up transport on their end.


This is what many Of the "Southern Dogs" look like when they come in!

This poor thing was in a home where she was allowed to compete with other dogs for food. She had massive sores all over her body from bite marks. She was very emaciated. She weighed a mere 39 pounds. It was heart breaking to see the beautiful soul in such bad shape. Her name is Bandit, she is a boxer/english bull dog mix.


This is how the look when they leave :)

This picture is of Bandit, after her last vet check. She weighed 63 pounds. She is one beautiful creature. We had a long road with her, but in the end it was all worth it. We get paid back all the time in the form of "doggy kisses". In case you did not know, Bull Dogs give the best love. 



A Little About Us

     We help animals no matter the location, but the majority of our animals come from kill shelters in the southern states. Some states that we save dogs from actually still use the primitive methods of euthanasia called the "Gas Chamber"You can click on the link to watch a video, that will explain more about the "gas chamber". You can read about the other method called "heart stick". It is not pleasant either.
     The sad fact is that many people are clueless that so many animals lose their life this way. Our southern kill shelters have astronomical euthanasia rates. For example the kill shelter in Surry County NC where I grew up they took in 4,102 dogs and cats in 2011 and only 186 of those animals were adopted out. A lucky few were returned to owners but the fact is 3,720 dogs and cats were euthanized. For what reason? Because no one wanted them! You can see these numbers for yourself. (If for some reason the link does not work when you click on it, please copy and paste it in to your browser manually) Please reference the section for Surry County. Surry county has only a 3 percent adoption rate.  The numbers of healthy pets who are killed on a daily basis just gets more staggering in states such as South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. 
     Our animals are fostered in VA and NC. We don't have a physical shelter. Once they are adopted to individual northern homes, we transport them to a location appointed by the adopter. All our animals will have a home secured with their own individual adopter before they ever leave our location! We can provide access to low cost transport for our adopted animals.
        We quarantine our animals in a foster home for a period of 2 weeks before they are shipped. This allows us to monitor the pet, and make sure that it is 100% healthy before it is shipped. Our vet, nor will we allow a sick pet to be shipped. It will be 100% healthy at the time of the pre adoption health exam or it does not go.  No more than 48 hrs before an animal is transported to it's new adopted home, it will be checked by a licensed vet and issued a health certificate. We can not transport a dog across state lines without a valid interstate health certificate. The adopter will receive a copy of the health certificate along with the animal's current vet records. All adopted animals will be current on age related vaccinations, de-worming and tests. All pets 4 months and over will have their rabies vaccinations. All pets will be micro-chipped(when we have the chips available). We make sure that all pets 6 months and over are altered before they leave our care. All pets 6 months and under will go to their new home with access to low cost spay/neuter vouchers that adopters can purchase from the source by the time the pet reaches 6 months of age. The low cost spay neuter service MAY or MAY NOT be available in all areas. Having the adopted pet altered will be ultimately the responsibility of the adopter regardless whether they can get a low cost voucher or not.
     We are not a non profit 501(C), but just a rescue business that is funded out of our own pockets. We are geared toward helping the needier animal. We have huge costs involved in operating our rescue efforts. It costs anywhere from $200.00-$250.00 per week just to feed the animals. Some months our vet bills top out at $1200.00. That is not counting other routine stuff such as heart-worm prevention, flea preventive and any other special requirements. 
      As you can see by looking at our minimal adopt fees, you are getting a good deal. You are getting a fully vetted pet and having it transported for less than the cost of obtaining an animal else where. Also, if you do the math, you would have hundreds of dollars sank in a pet if you provided the vetting services out of your own pocket at your local vet. Our total fee for the pet and what you will pay for transport is what most vets charge for just a routine spay surgery. That is a FACT! Not only would you be getting a good deal, but you will be getting the love and devotion of a very needy animal. That in itself is a gigantic reward.
Notice: We reserve the right to back out of an adoption AT ANY POINT that we feel we have just cause to take such action. In the event that WE DECIDE that we don't want to follow through with the adoption we will refund the fees in full to the person in question.


Transport Dates For The North East

Our Transporter ThrowAway Pups Transport
makes bi-weekly trips to the North East as far up VT and as far down as SC. They deliver on Fri and Sat. You must select one of their regular stops in the state of your choice and meet them there.
If you are in a North East state that is not covered by our normal transporter ThrowAway Pups Transport please let us know. We have 2 alternate transporters who possibly can help get your pet to you!